Most of us have or have considered providing financial support to someone suffering from the disease of addiction, whether it’s someone on the streets or someone we love. After a split second, we wonder if our “gift” will be put to good use, or simply enable them to continue on their path to destruction or death.

Fund The Climb Foundation offers you the security of knowing that your gift will be managed and go directly to qualified patients, while providing you with a charitable deduction receipt for your generosity. Your donation will be used as needed to address the following barriers:



Many patients, for various reasons, lack the ability to qualify for medical insurance. The cost to adequately treat a patient for substance use disorder is approximately $50,000, and the time required for treatment ranges anywhere from 7-18 months. Funds are needed to assists assist patients in obtaining the proper treatment they desperately want and need to overcome the disease of addiction.


Fund The Climb supports patients seeking treatment for the disease of addiction that have no safe, sober place to live.  This could be due to homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence, and/or various unsafe conditions, making it extremely difficult for patients to focus on their recovery. Fund The Climb, through its PLUS (Peaceful Living United + Sober) Housing Program, and also in collaboration with our housing partners, provides safe accommodations to patients in need while in treatment.  Funds are needed for rent, utilities, basic furnishings and upkeep.   

Nutrition and Personal Hygiene:

Fund The Climb supports the basic needs that our patients are lacking, such as nutrition and personal hygiene.  Funds are used for lunches to provide lunch to patients in treatment.  Gift cards for food and personal hygiene needs are also available.  Fund the Climb provides patients with ongoing care packages containing personal hygiene items as needed. 


Transportation is often a key barrier to obtaining treatment services. Fund The Climb helps to overcome this barrier by offering transportation services, such as bus passes.  Lack of transportation should not be a reason an individual is unable to receive the services they need in order to achieve recovery. There is a great need for transportation support to help patients get to and from treatment as needed.  


In order to qualify for many public assistance programs, patients will need to complete several applications supported by the appropriate documentation. Often the applications are beyond the patient’s capabilities and the documentation is unavailable, requiring a fee to obtain. For example, a copy of a Birth Certificate is $35, renewing a Driver’s License is $25 and a state ID is $10. Funds are necessary to access and obtain these required forms of documentation, that patients need to move forward.