Overdose deaths
in Franklin county 2019


Overdose deaths
in Franklin county 2020


Overdose deaths
in Ohio in 2021

The Climb of Their Lives

Donations provide funding for treatment, housing, transportation, nutrition and personal hygiene needs for those who are climbing out of addiction.

Recent times have been hard on us all. Isolation, lack of work, job losses, housing difficulties, transportation issues, lack of access to healthcare, to food and other basic needs has adversely impacted the lives of many in our communities.

But this has particularly hurt those struggling with substance use disorder and mental health challenges. Many find their way to treatment and have the courage to show up but then are derailed because of barriers that stand in their way.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

“It is literally true that you can succeed best
and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

– Napoleon Hill

Fund The Climb was founded to break down barriers by providing support for the critical needs of patients taking the courageous step towards recovery.

Nicole, a mother from Columbus, OH, recently transitioned out of inpatient services where she was for three months.

Because she was in treatment she had to stop working and therefore fell behind on her bills. Her landlord allowed her a grace period however she is facing eviction and is several months behind on her utility payments.

She is now living back at her home, and will start working again soon as a cosmetologist, while engaging in outpatient treatment. Nicole is excited about her sobriety and does not want the barrier of her housing accommodations to get in the way of her treatment.

Laura, a 61 year old mother in Columbus, lost her job due to the pandemic. Laura spent 35 years as a purchasing agent for a family owned company.

For years she has affectionately been known by those around her as “momma” and takes on the role of caring for others and imparting wisdom to those who will listen.

After her husband passed away in 2001, Laura has been the matriarch of her family. When she lost her job she began receiving unemployment benefits, but unfortunately has fallen behind on her utility payments,
as she is now facing shut off notices.

Laura has spent the last several months working a program to focus on her recovery, and she is hopeful
to find work again soon in the field that she is very passionate about.

Walter, a man from Columbus, had overdosed multiple times when his wife threatened to leave him if he didn’t get help. Walter sought treatment to save his marriage and family, and in working his program realized the gravity of his situation and the seriousness of his disease.

Walter felt much guilt because he could not work during his time in treatment, and his family was in need of food and other necessities. Fund The Climb Foundation was able to provide gift cards, which relieved the stress Walter was experiencing, allowing him to focus more fully on his recovery.

Walter is now sober, reunited with his family,
and working full time.

Recovery is Possible.


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Support for those seeking addiction treatment

Columbus City Council is providing $45,000 grant to Fund the Climb Foundation to assist patients in Franklinton and the surrounding areas who are seeking treatment for the disease of addiction and face barriers, such as lack of housing, transportation, and food. The goal is to give patients a fair chance to get the help they need.


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